Marty Murphy

Marty has experience working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, stressful home life, sexual abuse, self esteem issues, peer relationships, and work related stress.  He enjoys working with people of all ages including kids and young adults still in school. He coaches youth sports and has a passion for working with adolescents to reduce anxiety, manage negative thoughts, and increase performance.

His life experience, rich in diversity, provides a solid foundation upon which he is able to connect with people from all backgrounds. He continues to educate himself in new methods of treatment and sees the value in staying current with the most effective therapy protocols. His approach to counseling is mainly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which works to help individuals change existing thought patterns to promote a more positive outlook.

Marty spent 25 years in corporate America before earning his Master of Arts degree in professional counseling. The experience he gained while working in the corporate environment has given him insight into the stresses in the workplace.

So if you’re

  • a kid who can’t seem to focus or get it together at school or on the field,
  • an adult struggling with negative racing thoughts or anxiety that is interfering with life,
  • feeling stuck in a marriage or special relationship that isn’t working anymore,
  • or a survivor of a traumatic event or childhood experience, and are ready to put the past behind and move forward.

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In his free time, Marty enjoys spending time with his family especially while cheering or coaching his sons on the lacrosse field.

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